60W LED Street Light / Pole Top Light Fixture

Jubliee LED Lighting

$185.00 $225.00

Model#: CL03C-60-JLL-5K

Item Description: 60W LED Street lightpole post covered, 5000K, 120-277V input, 4200 Lumens, branded driver and LED with SPG, ETL and DLC

Benefits This Specifications above shows electricity savings as LED lighting uses significantly fewer Watts (W) than conventional lighting. But that's not the only Savings a savvy businessman enjoys when selecting LED lighting.

  • Conventional bulbs have a shorter operating lifetime compared to LED lighting. If you are using conventional bulbs you will be purchasing up to three times as many bulbs or fixtures compared to a single LED replacement with a long operating lifetime.
  • Buying and using conventional bulbs and fixtures also means that you incur three times more maintenance as well as replacement costs compared to LED lighting.  Just think of the maintenance costs incurred getting to those hard to reach locations.
  • A savvy businessman's purchase of LED lighting reduces carbon emissions since less power is used.
  • LED lighting is also free of environmentally harmful Mercury as well as Halogen chemicals.

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