Jubilee LED Lighting Warranty

This warranty is provided by the Jubilee LED Lighting Company described below (“Seller”) to you as the original purchaser of the LED lighting product that is identified on Seller’s invoice reflecting its original purchase (the “Product”). This warranty may be transferred to subsequent purchasers of the Product, provided that such Product is resold in new condition and in its original packaging. Shipping Cost for both side will be provided if product fails within 90 days of the purchase. beyond 90 days only one side shipping cost will be covered by JLL.

Seller warrants all Energy Star, UL or ETL listed products for standard three (3) years, and all DLC Certified products for standard five (5) years Calculated use of the product 5 hrs a day; after date of delivery to the first user. For a longer warranty period, IMPORTANT: THIS WARRANTY IS VOID IF THE PRODUCT BOTH IS NOT USED FOR THE PURPOSE FOR WHICH IT IS DESIGNED AND IS NOT INSTALLED OR OPERATED PROPERLY ACCORDING TO THE USER MANUAL. OR PRODUCT IS TAMPERED, OPENED, OR TRIED TO OPEN AND FIX BY SOMEONE OTHER THAN SELLER. 

 1: Seller warrants that the product, when delivered in condition and in its original packaging, will be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of warranty from the date of original purchase. 

 2: The determination of whether the product is defective shall be made by Seller in its sole discretion with consideration given to the overall performance of the product.

 3: If Seller determines the Product is defective, Seller will Repair or replace defective parts of the Product. This limited warranty will not apply to loss or damage to the Product caused by: negligence; abuse; misuse; mishandling; improper installation, storage or maintenance; damage due to fire or acts of God; vandalism; civil disturbances; power surges; improper power supply; electrical current fluctuations; corrosive environment installations; induced vibration; alteration; accident; failure to follow installation, operating, maintenance or environmental instructions prescribed by seller or applicable electrical codes; or improper service of the Product performed by someone other than the Seller or its authorized service provider.

 4: In order to make a warranty claim, you must notify Seller in writing within thirty (30) days after your discovery of the defect, provide proof of purchase such as the invoice and comply with Seller’s other warranty requirements. Upon receiving that notice, Seller may require you to promptly return the Product to Seller, or its authorized service provider, freight prepaid. Your warranty claim should be emailed to your concerning sales consultant from Jubilee LED Lighting.

 5: Seller reserves the right to modify this warranty from time to time. Any modification of this warranty shall be effective for all orders placed with Seller on or after the effective date of such revised warranty.

Effective Date: January 1, 2015

 Important :

Jubilee Led Lighting will only repair or replace the product within 6/8 weeks after receiving the original product and finding out the fact of the defective product and reserve the rights to determine the defectiveness of the product. and will not be able to provide any new replacement product in advance.

Jubilee LED Lighting Warranty Procedure 

If there is a problem with any Jubilee LED Lighting product within warranty, please follow the steps below. This will result in a more efficient resolution.

Contact your sales representative, email info@jubileeled.com or call (855) 533-2288.

Be ready to explain the problem and the circumstances under which it occurred. If we can pinpoint the problem and find a solution we will inform you.

DO NOT modify, products without Jubilee LED Lighting’s authorization.

If a solution cannot be provided please fill out of RMA form. You can find the form on our website at www.jubileeled.com or you can ask our sales representative. A request must be submitted to info@jubileeled.com for an RMA # before the products are shipped back.

Make sure a copy of the invoice accompany the claim form when sent to Jubilee LED Lighting.

Upon completion of the warranty process, Jubilee LED Lighting will ship a repaired, refurbished product or issue a credit memo valid for the period of (1) year against purchased products. It is not the policy of Jubilee LED Lighting to issue a Refund in cash, check or Credit / debit. 



Jubilee Led Lighting  will not reimburse or pay for unexpected costs or expenses, including without limitation or labor or other costs associated with removal or reinstallation of the product, even if it is ultimately deemed to be defective.

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